Environmental protection

Our company, SIBO Kft. is responsible for the natural environment. 

Our company, SIBO Kft. is responsible for the natural environment. The key of our sustainable development is conscious and humane management of our environmental resources. Therefore, we want to realize our economic development by taking market expectations together with environmental factors from the purchase of raw materials to sales. We feel compelled to continually improve the company's environmental performance and reduce the adverse environmental influence of production, and we strive to comply fully with applicable laws and regulatory requirements.

In the development of our products, besides the reasonable, economical and aesthetic satisfaction of the packaging function required by our customers, we treat the whole recyclability and the use of the smallest amount of material equally.

To do this, we take steps such as:

  • Developing 100% degradable corrugated board solutions to replace less environmentally friendly raw materials.
  • We reduce the amount of waste with continuous improvements and more efficient organization. Our production waste is recycled and utilized at the highest possible rate.  
  • We strive to make our environmental issue a priority for our customers and employees also. All these efforts have been guaranteed by the integrated management system that we have been using successfully for many years, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


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