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Our company is a supplier of packaging technology systems. Accordingly, our activities are just as part of designing the most suitable packaging for your product - thinking about its safety and optimizing transportation costs - as it is produced. Whether it is corrugated board, foil or foam, we have a ready-made packaging plan for you thanks to our modern software park, even before the product is realized. In keeping with the expectations of the 21st century, we are working to develop an ideal packaging  system for your products, that makes their transportation, storage perfect. Additionally we still think about environmental protection!

Our past and present

Our Owner’s german company, the SiBO Verpackungen, has been a system supplier since 1948 for manufacturing, trading and developing packaging materials. In 1997 it opened its box plant in Hungary in Lepsény, so our company, the SiBO Kft has been expanding ever since.

Thanks to our production and service investments for more than 20 years, our company nowadays shows dynamic growth in capacity, technology and sales.

50 years

The German company of the owner, SiBO Verpackungen is a system provider for the manufacture, trade and development of cartons and other packaging materials since 1948.

Our plants in Europe:

Germany, Hungary and Lithuania. 

Our produts

Our product range covers one-way, multi-way, or shipping packages, pallets and various associated packaging systems. In addition to innovative packaging development and the design of the packaging system, our logistics operations are part of our services, thanks to our own trucks. We can supply with flexible service and even production of small and medium series to our partners.

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