The main activity of SiBO Kft is the production of packaging tools. Most of our work is based on dealing with corrugated cardboards.

The construction methods offered by the company increase the value of the products and provide complete security during delivery and storage. Corrugated cardboards are environment-friendly and 100% recyclable, which means that we do not only take care of the safety of the product, but of the nature as well.

The basis of boxes and packaging materials made of corrugated cardboard can be C-, B-, E-, CB- and EB-type cardboard with either brown or white cover. The shape, quality and print of cardboard boxes are all designed according to the requirements of the customer.

With the help of our 3D CAD system and our pattern-creating plotter we also work with paper and EPP-EPS profiles. We are able to create pattern designs within a short deadline as well.

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